How to start doing things you want to do

2 min readSep 14, 2020

I have a problem

A photo of mine — that inspired me to pursue photography

I hate doings things I’m scared to do

The burden to continue on the same path I tried to start on is too much to handle

I’ve always struggled with filling out the first few pages of my notebook, I often skip the first page and try my best to fill out the other pages with as much effort and time. I often do so, so that when I or anyone else opens my notebook, diary or journal their first impression is the right one. The reader’s impression must be the one I crafted with precision and style.

That causes an irrational amount of pressure I put on myself to be perfect the first time. Despite understanding the fact that I won’t get it right the first time, I can’t just not care about it; I care about it so much that even when I’m creating something for myself I almost don’t want to start because it will be bad or that I may not be able to keep up with the expectations I set up.

How did I start doing stuff without fear?

One thing I picked up from playing Tetris is that

Whenever you break a habit just set the counter to zero and start again

If you haven’t exercised in last 3 months because you weren’t able to consistently exercise for more than a few days, set the counter to zero and start again.

If you want to read huge books but lose motivation 30 pages in, take a break and set the counter to zero and start again.

Because you will always outdo yourself by getting higher points than you did before and because a part of you knows that you’re capable of doing things consistently and succeed.


1) Don’t judge yourself too much and just get started

2) If you stopped doing something you want to do now, set the timer to zero and start again

I don’t have the answers for all your questions. What I can assure you is that this has worked for me, and this was what I needed to hear.

How did this work for me?

Recently I started writing on a notebook and I finally filled the first page, I immediately regretted writing anything, I crossed out multiple words and sentences on almost every line , the thoughts didn’t make much sense together, it felt like multiple different people talking over each other. But I found myself writing a sentence, a sentence I still feel immense joy looking at, at the end of the page, I wrote

“I’ll always be happy I tried”

And that has made all the difference